Why Precast Concrete?

It is difficult to really understand the benefits of using precast concrete foundation wall panels for your basement until you understand the problem with the traditional poured-in-place concrete foundations that today still represent as much as 90% of the basements made in Manitoba.

Poured-in-place concrete foundations are never given the allotted time to cure properly. Once the framing goes up in the basement, a vapour barrier is installed, creating a seal where the moisture is still trapped in the wall.

“The problem with poured-in-place concrete foundations is widely known within the home building industry. Thirty-five years ago, Mel Zimmerman started his new company Superior Walls America because of the known problems associated with poured-in-place concrete foundations.”

— Ray Wentz, General Manager at Superior Walls Manitoba

The advantages of using precast concrete foundation wall panels for your basement foundation are more clearly understood when you become aware of the disadvantages of the poured-in-place concrete foundation walls.

“Precast concrete foundation wall panels will give your new home a basement much warmer and dryer than a traditional basement made with poured-in-place concrete foundation walls.”

— Mel Zimmerman, founder of Superior Walls America

100% fully cured (dry)

Produced in a climate-controlled factory

Quality-control goes into the manufacturing process

When Your Concrete Foundation Walls Don’t Cure Properly

Moisture gets trapped behind a vapour barrier, eventually causing mold to grow within the basement insulation, decreasing the air quality for people spending time in their basement.

The higher moisture in the walls is affected by freeze/thaw cycles causing uneven setting and shifting of the foundation walls. This contributes to cracks being formed within the walls and window sills, providing ample opportunity for additional moisture to seep into the basement.

Water tends to pool around the footings that in wetter years has proven to cause a loss of integrity of the foundation structure.

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