Looking to build a new house in an already developed neighbourhood?

One of your biggest challenges could be the space you have to work with. Our basement wall panels are made of precast concrete and are installed with a crane. This has proven to be a real plus for people considering a new infill build.

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Will you be fulfilling the role of general contractor on your new home build?

Foundation Essentials is 1 of 3 service programs available through Superior Walls Manitoba, and it includes:

  • R24 XiPlus Wall System and onsite Installation
  • Tailored to your foundation type
  • We include Certified Supplemental drawings to ensure our Wall System can be used in place of what is drawn on your Stamped Plans
  • 15 year warranty on the Wall System
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Are eco-friendly options important to you and your family?

The CUBE Program, utilizing the XiPlus Wall System, has:

  • 70% less concrete used for your foundation walls
  • The best insulation option for your money – sourced locally
  • Next to no material waste onsite (offcut insulation material recycled by manufacturer)
  • Wall panels precast in steel forms in-factory
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Is a warranty on your foundation important to you and your family?

By providing all of the below grade work for your project and having the wall system installed by certified installers, we guarantee the wall system for a minimum of 15 years.

  • The CUBE Service Program
  • The CUBE Squared Service Program

Ask us about our 30 year warranty option!

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Not sure what option best suits your needs? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to talk to you during business hours.

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