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What are Superior Walls?

What makes Superior Walls better than conventional foundations?

Why does Superior Walls use a crushed stone footing?

How does a Superior Wall work within my Foundation Plan?

How is the depth of the crushed stone footing determined?

How are Superior Walls panels joined together?

What is the R-value of a Superior Walls foundation?

What is the Superior Walls warranty?

Where can I obtain design values for the Superior Walls panels?

What are the standard heights and lengths of Superior Walls panels?

How soon can the walls be backfilled after installation?

What types of exterior finishes can be applied to a Superior Walls foundation?

How do I attach drywall to my Superior Walls foundation?

Can additional insulation be added to a Superior Walls foundation?

Where can I find information about finishing my basement?

Can I add a window or door to an existing Superior Walls foundation?