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Building Up with Precast Concrete Panels

Industry Moving Away from Wood Framing for Multi-Family Projects BEAUSEJOUR, MANITOBA – Builder Syed Bokhari passionately believes in creating durable, energy-efficient housing for seniors. That dedicated focus has led him to explore creative construction practices — including the use of precast concrete panels from Superior

Fire Safety – an Added Benefit of Precast Concrete

On Jan. 23, 2014, a fierce fire swept through the Résidence du Havre, in L’Isle-Vert, Quebec, killing 32 of its residents. There were multiple reasons why the fire in this particular senior’s home was so deadly but one thing that was noted by witnesses at

Build All Year Long with Precast Concrete Walls

Building poured-in-place concrete walls during the winter can take a lot longer than it does in summer or warmer weather. Let’s face it, building poured-in-place concrete walls during our Manitoba winters is no fun. Generally, contractors try to avoid pouring concrete foundations in the cold