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New Technology is Providing Novel Building Solutions for Northern Communities

Starting the first of six duplexes built in St. Theresa Point

The Situation

It’s a fact that building houses in Northern communities has always been a huge challenge for the industry. There is often not only a lack of local skilled labour but there is also a shortage of temporary accommodations for workers brought in to complete building projects on site.

Compounding the labour issue is the lack of access to locally sourced construction materials such as premix concrete for foundations. Bringing in all the labour and materials is a very expensive proposition for home builders. But there is also the added challenges of extreme weather and harsh working conditions that have traditionally made these jobs not only more expensive but also just a lot more difficult.

Pain Points for Rural & Northern Construction Projects

  • Lack of skilled labour
  • Lack of accommodations for Workers
  • Lack of access to locally sourced materials
  • Weather damaged materials
  • Shortened construction season
  • Need to transport the materials in and then mix concrete on site for concrete footings or piles

One thing that the industry has also had to contend with in some locations is bringing in materials on winter roads and then having to place those materials on site to await warmer weather to begin the construction project – often without access to a secure weather-proof storage building. This subjects the building materials to weather damage and sometimes theft and vandalism. Materials left unprotected from the elements can be more difficult for workers to handle if its warped, chipped or water damaged. Additionally, weather damage to the building materials can definitely impact the life span and overall quality of the buildings constructed with these compromised materials.

A New Technology Provides Solutions

Fortunately, new technology like the Superior Walls’ precast concrete foundation wall panel system has now become an all-in-one solution that overcomes these challenges by the very nature of the product: the ready-to-install foundations arrive on site and can be fixed in place pretty much regardless of weather conditions.

Working in partnership with the community, Superior Walls offers another unique advantage by providing installation training of their foundation system to fuel the community forward for repeat work as the need arises, thereby minimizing the need for additional skilled labour for foundation work.

Superior Walls Xi Plus R-24 insulated precast concrete panels are an excellent solution for building a fully-cured, waterproof, rot resistant crawl space. These foundation wall panels have features that are designed to be readily installed over a crushed gravel rock base. The precast panels can be shipped up on the winter roads, stored until the construction season, and installed onto the prepared crushed rock base. The panel design eliminates the need for either concrete footings or poured concrete piles. It’s an advancement in technology that delivers cost savings and an expedited foundation installation process, and is a superior product that creates long-lasting, top quality results.

Starting the first of six duplexes built in St. Theresa Point

Our Recommended Solution – 4’ Insulated Crawl Space by Superior Walls

The 4’ insulated crawl space from Superior Walls is an excellent solution for residential building projects in Northern and remote communities. Here’s why:

  1. Streamline your building project and your season by expediting your scheduled builds using already-made basement wall panels (delivered via winter roads)
  2. The walls are:
    1. Pre-insulated
    2. Rot resistant
    3. Pre-engineered to be installed on a crushed rock footing (especially useful if batching concrete is not an option or difficult to do)
  3. We offer to train the community how to:
    1. Prep the crushed stone footing
    2. Install the walls
    3. Finish the crushed rock install for these crawl spaces

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