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6 reasons to build your next basement with precast concrete

Precast concrete technology is known to support build-ability and construction productivity. Precast concrete products are almost everywhere, and the use is on the rise. As the backbone of both above and below grade North American infrastructure,  precast concrete plays a pivotal role in maintaining a clean, healthy and productive environment.

When it comes to building a new home in Manitoba, precast concrete is now a viable option. Here are 6  features you may not know about precast concrete foundations.

1. Concrete walls cure consistently and evenly!

Precast concrete wall panels are made in an environmentally-controlled plant. Every wall panel is cured using the optimum air temperature and relative humidity.

The proper curing process can significantly improve the durability of concrete and play a significant role in strength development. The curing process also enhances freezing and thawing resistance which means less chance of cracks in your foundation.

Traditional poured-in-place concrete is left to cure directly exposed to the outside environment. Outdoor conditions are typically not favorable for curing concrete appropriately and efficiently. Surprisingly enough, poured-in-place foundations currently represent more than 90% of all new home builds in Manitoba.

2. Quality assurance guaranteed!

It is a known fact that most concrete batches for traditional foundations in Manitoba are not tested at all. Moreover, many contractors order their concrete “wet” so it can be easier to maneuver amongst the forms. Wet concrete not only makes a mess of your new yard but also takes a lot more time to cure even in the best of conditions.

Each batch of concrete used for precast panels is tested for strength, air, and slump. Routine testing is conducted to assure the concrete strength and consistency meets all specifications.

Precast cylinders are tested to meet or exceed a strength of 5000psi.  Check out our 28-day high-pressure cylinder test here.

3. Studs and insulation – already included!

When price comparing precast concrete walls vs. poured in place, often overlooked is the fact each wall panel comes with studs and insulation – already included. Talk about efficiency!

Photo 2018-03-01, 1 38 01 PM

Precast wall panels have concrete reinforced metal studs and built-in insulation providing up to R-24 protection from the cold. Factory-controlled placement of both the studs and insulation makes an airtight fit. Not to mention the steel studs and concrete are fire resistant.

4. Sealed together and guaranteed dry!

The strong concrete mix and powerful sealant between wall panels will completely seal your basement from exterior water seepage.

The walls are made to fit together with precision. Once installed, walls are bolted together at the top and the bottom and caulked together using a urethane sealant specially manufactured for the application.


Precast walls are guaranteed 30 years without leaks. Keep in mind – most builders or foundation installation companies will not “guarantee” against leaking.

5. Fast and efficient installation!

A basement of a standard 1500 square foot home is usually installed in as little as a couple of hours. The precast walls are delivered from the factory to your new home site where each panel is precisely craned into place.

Each of the precast concrete wall panels is pre-engineered with built-in access holes for ease of wiring and plumbing. No additional framing or insulation is needed. Once inspected, a lip is added to the top of the foundation wall, and you can then start building.

Photo 2017-07-06, 9 23 52 AM

6. Precast concrete walls are an Eco-Friendly alternative!

Research indicates many basements can account for over 33% of the total heat loss in your home. Precast foundations feature a continuous layer of insulation bonded directly to the concrete, resulting in lower energy costs.

Since foundation walls are engineered and manufactured with insulated concrete studs, they reduce the number of materials used to build your new home, including wood and concrete.

Precast concrete foundation walls have long been recognized as “green” building materials in the United States. A few examples include:

• In February 2016 – Superior Wall Xi Plus foundation walls were selected by the editors of Green Builder Magazine as one of the top 50 most ecologically friendly new building products in the USA.

• In 2012 – Superior Walls America became a National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Green Certified manufacturer.

The need to develop building efficiencies and reduce carbon footprints have made precast concrete a desirable building material for modern builders both commercial and residential.

Interested in learning more about the Superior Walls System? Book a tour of our manufacturing plan by emailing us at

8 thoughts on “6 reasons to build your next basement with precast concrete”

  1. Leanne Anderstedt says:

    We will be building in Lac duBonnet but many folks are telling us to NOT build a basement due to water infiltration…even with sump pumps. Any thoughts?

    Do you do work in LDB?

    1. Superior Walls says:

      Hi Leanne, our apologies for the late response. We do know LDB very well. I suggest you call our office at 1-844-372-2220 and ask to speak to Ray Wentz or Matt Toews.

  2. Rene Robert says:

    Hello We live in Libau MB in a RTM home sitting on blocks at the moment. The house is 28 feet by 56 feet and we are interested to get your precast basement. Can you give me just a quick estimate of a complete installation with the house on it. Just trying to plan for a near future installation.

    1. Matt - Superior Walls Manitoba says:

      Hi Rene, I just wanted to let you know I received your request… I will get a rough price back to you tomorrow for our wall system, install and below grade work – unfortunately we do not offer the moving service itself.
      If it’s ok with you, I will email you the quote directly.
      You can reach me through

      Matt Toews
      General Manager

  3. Rick kuharski says:

    I am planning a addition to a house that is 6 miles outside of beausejour.
    The size of addition will be 26 feet out from the existing house and 24 feet wide.
    It will be a two story addition. Is your precast system suitable for this and what would
    The height be of the walls from the ground.

  4. Phil says:

    Viewed your site and was wondering the cost of your system vs conventional styrofoam basement
    Looking at a 1600 sq ft home

    Thanks for your reply

  5. Marie henry says:

    I have a question…my home was built but basement was never just has an open basement with rocks down there..even though house is already in top of it…can basement still be made..
    I am interested in this
    Marie henry

  6. John says:

    Were building up in flin flon mb, 1700 sq feet 58x 28 with a section that’s 33.
    Looking for a quote for a basement.

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