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Don’t Build Your Dream Home On A Traditional Concrete Foundation

Here are 3 powerful reasons why:

  1. Concrete often doesn’t cure properly in the outdoors exposed to the elements.

Rain, relative humidity, and temperature can all have a negative impact on the strength of the concrete as it goes through the curing process.

2. Most new basement pours are insulated and sealed with a plastic vapor barrier 2-4 weeks after being poured. Sometimes even earlier!

In most of Manitoba’s outdoor weather conditions, this is not nearly enough time for the concrete to cure properly. Many Manitobans are all too familiar with basements that are moldy and/or drafty. Moldy fiberglass found behind your wallboard in your basement is almost always symptomatic of a poured-in-place concrete foundation that was sealed prior to curing. That is, the concrete was sealed off by the vapor barrier while it was still wet.

Drafty basements are often a result of structural instability caused by weakened concrete either due to improper curing or water pooling beneath the basement structure. Or even worse, water pooling beneath the basement structure during the curing process.

3. Poured-in-place concrete foundations are placed on concrete piles or concrete footings.

Concrete on concrete is a good plan as long as you’re confident you will not have water pooling around your foundation. Pooled water will eventually deteriorate concrete strength and is often cited as the cause of structural issues in many foundation wall systems in Manitoba. An alternative to concrete piles or footings is crushed stone.

Crushed stone as a footing is superior as it readily allows for water to drain away from your concrete foundation walls and also substantially increases the soil weight bearing capacity by dispersing the weight of the foundation to soil beyond the direct area of impact (weight dispersion increases with the depth of the crushed rock).

The good news is that precast concrete walls from Superior Walls are approved for placement on a crushed stone.

Other benefits of precast concrete foundation walls include:

  • All walls panels are properly cured in a temperature controlled environment. Superior Walls by Magnis operates their state of the art production facility in Beausejour, Manitoba.
  • Concrete for the wall panels includes a micro-fiber that gives the concrete incredible strength. All the concrete in each wall panel is guaranteed to withstand a force of 5000 psi! This is up to 2.5 times stronger than most poured-in-place concrete foundation walls that will have a strength of around 2000 psi.
  • A built-in steel reinforced concrete footer at the bottom of each wall panel facilitates the ease of placement on a packed surface of crushed stone, making for a wonderful system that naturally disperses water away from the concrete walls.
  • A much greener solution. Concrete walls panels from Superior Walls were recognized by Green Builder Magazine as being a much more ecological building solution than traditional methods. Less but much stronger concrete, less soil disturbance, and contamination during the building process, facilitating much warmer, drier basements that require less energy to heat.

Interested in learning more about the Superior Walls System? Book a tour of our manufacturing plan by emailing us at

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