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An Alternative Choice To Concrete Footings

When building your new home, it’s important to take the appropriate steps to ensure that it lasts for many years to come. Bottom line, foundations built on crushed rock or stone footings have less structural cracking problems then foundations built on concrete footings!

Here’s why Crushed Stone Footings are better:

  • Provide a more even surface to build your foundation on, promoting stability
  • Improved drainage:
  • Reducing the risk of erosive water forces decreasing the weight-bearing capacity of the soil beneath;
  • Keeping your concrete basement wall drier and in doing so reducing the risk of pooled water weakening the foundation wall strength.
  • Disperse the weight of your concrete foundation walls more evenly.
Superior Walls Concrete Footings Alternative

Precast concrete foundation walls placed on a crushed rock footing. An alternative choice to concrete footings.

Did you know? Precast concrete basement walls by Superior Walls are designed to be installed on crushed rock footings. Our walls come with a steel reinforced header and footer which allows us to install the panels directly on crushed stone.

Crushed Stone Footing Details

Builders Details: Crushed stone footing/ Effective bearing width chart.

Looking for a warmer basement, without structural cracks?

Learn more about precast concrete walls installed on crushed rock footings. You will be surprised to learn this basement foundation system is not only better… it is guaranteed dry!

Have questions about crushed stone footings or the Superior Walls system? Comment your question below or send them to

3 thoughts on “An Alternative Choice To Concrete Footings”

  1. louis riediger says:

    Would like more info.
    Any warranty…..?
    Price per running foot for 3 ft high….? Approx….Pls.
    Is that installed price…..?
    Does home owner get base ready….?
    Why would this be better ….?

    1. Superior Walls says:

      Hey Louis, thank you for your questions. We would love to answer these questions to you in more detail. Would it be okay if we email you directly? Thanks!

  2. Samia Bhuiyan says:

    Hi there,
    I am an engineer and one of my client wants to use your system and want us to engineer this.
    Can you explain your system in brief. So that we can have a better idea on the precast superior wall system.
    My email address is enclosed herewith.

    Thanks in advance.

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