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Environmental Impact

Planning for the future includes thinking long-term not only for you and your family, but also for your community and our planet. If you are thinking of building your own home, keep in mind the choices you make will have an impact on the environment.

At Superior Walls we are committed to helping you minimize that impact.

Resource Efficiency

There are a few reasons precast foundation walls are considered resource efficient. Our precast concrete foundation walls:

  • Require less water in the concrete preparation process compared to poured-in-place concrete.
  • Use up to 70% less concrete than pour-in-place concrete foundations.
  • Include stud facings which eliminate the need for additional wood framing prior to interior finishing.

Using fewer materials helps reduce the carbon footprint of the new home’s construction process.

Soil Contamination

Soil contamination occurs when chemicals are added or alteration are made to the natural soil composition. Once the soil is contaminated, health risks become of concern to the surrounding areas. These health risk can occur through direct contact, air vapors or from using water flowing through the contaminated soil.

Our foundation walls are prefabricated in an indoor facility, eliminating any on-site soil contamination from chemicals or oils typically used for poured-in-place walls. Damp proofing of our walls is also done in-factory eliminating the need for toxic sprays or coatings on-site.

Building these walls in our factory also means they arrive ready to install, leaving virtually no on-site waste.

Builder Benefits

Since 2013, Superior Walls insulated precast concrete wall products have been pre-qualified to earn specific green points as Green Certified Products by Home Innovation Research Labs in the U.S. These products earn points in categories for resource efficiency, energy efficiency, and indoor environmental air quality and are trusted by many Canadian contractors.

Plan for a brighter future today. Reduce your carbon footprint and choose a foundation system with the least environmental impact.

2 thoughts on “Environmental Impact”

  1. Joe says:

    What’s the price

    1. Superior Walls says:

      Hello Joe, thank you for your question. You can see a rough cost comparison here at Keep in mind these prices are based on a 1,558 sqft home with 9’ high walls. If you would like more information let us know!

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