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Protect YOURSELF from the Cold!

Can YOU build an energy efficient BASEMENT for your NEW home?


If you choose to go with a poured in place concrete basement or ICF, you may be throwing away money in higher-than-necessary long term energy bills.

Insulated precast concrete wall panels from Superior Walls provide a combination of built-in insulation and high-strength concrete to guarantee a more energy-efficient foundation for your new home.

Wall panels from Superior Walls provide your basement with an insulation value of R-23. The R-23 insulation minimizes thermal transfer and protects your home from the cold.

The pre-studded Xi Plus wall panels (featured below) include extra cavity space that make it easy to add additional insulation if desired.


These Xi Plus Wall Panels were chosen by Green Builder Magazines as one of the top 50 Eco Friendly Buildings Products of the year in 2016.

People  are often concerned about the method of sealing the wall panels together.

The precast concrete foundation walls are bolted together (top and bottom). The joints are caulked with a urethane sealant, made by Sika, which is specifically manufactured for the walls. The walls are sealed together using three lines of caulking. First down the middle, one inside, and a finish bead on the exterior.

The walls are sealed to the footings using an industrial sealant called ConSeal. (See video below)

For homeowners, the benefits of Superior Walls foundations systems are substantial. The energy-efficient walls help lower energy costs and reduce energy leakage while providing increased living space in a comfortable setting.

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