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Build All Year Long with Precast Concrete Walls

superior-walls-build-all-year-longBuilding poured-in-place concrete walls during the winter can take a lot longer than it does in summer or warmer weather.

Let’s face it, building poured-in-place concrete walls during our Manitoba winters is no fun.

Generally, contractors try to avoid pouring concrete foundations in the cold because of the extra labour and costs involved with putting up the forms and hoarding them with insulated tarps. Not to mention the extra time and fuel costs involved in moving industrial heaters to cure the foundations. In many cases, the heat application is required for more than a week!

It’s a lot more work to effectively pour foundations in the winter.

Most contractors prefer to pour foundations in warmer weather.  Many contractors require their basements built before freeze-up. This can cause a back-log of work in the fall, putting a lot of pressure on the trade.  Competing for workers in a limited skilled-labour pool becomes tough when contractors are pushing for the same thing.

Using pre-cast concrete extends the building season to include the winter months.  Pre-fabricated walls can be installed without the use of tarps, heaters or extra staff. Choosing pre-cast foundation walls can reduce costs and simplify winter building.


A bit about Precast Foundation Walls Panels

Pre-cast walls are formed and poured in a climate and quality-controlled environment. All walls must pass spec (5000 psi) before leaving the plant and come pre-insulated (with an R-value of 24). This saves time and labour costs by not having to insulate onsite.

Custom designed pre-cast concrete wall panels can be built, delivered, and installed year-round and usually go up in less than a day.


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Are you a contractor? You can now build all year long

Imagine finishing your project on your timeline and not being dependent on the elements.

Using Superior Walls foundations offers you several advantages. For example, you won’t have to slow down in the winter or risk having to lay off your crew. Instead, you can secure top quality workers and provide them with a steady income throughout the year.

Earn your reputation as a contractor who meets timelines and take pride in the quality of service. As the saying goes, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.” Spread out your workload throughout the year, and build with confidence on top-quality foundation walls.

If you have any further questions about precast concrete foundations or the Superior Walls system contact us or let us know in the comment section below.

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