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Why Precast Concrete?

Years ago, Superior Walls founder Mel Zimmerman started his new precast company after finding a solution to the well-known problems with poured concrete foundations. To highlight the many benefits, we’ve discovered in building with precast concrete, we would focus on its:

  • quality strength
  • versatility
  • sustainability
  • lower lifetime costs

When you’re looking for the best options for building foundations, here are more reasons why precast concrete walls would be a better option.

1. Precast concrete walls are produced in a climate-controlled factory
Severe weather conditions limit the Manitoba building season. Precast concrete starts in a climate-controlled factory and is available year round.

2. Precast concrete walls pass spec (5000psi) before leaving the plant
When you pour concrete walls on site, you depend on weather conditions for the walls to dry. This can either cause you delays, or force you to get the job done before the concrete is completely cured.

With precast concrete, you do not have to worry about moisture getting trapped behind the vapor barrier, leading to eventual shifting and damaging your foundation walls. Or worse, you would be allowing mold to develop and negatively affect the air quality of your home.

3. Precast concrete walls are under quality control throughout the manufacturing process
Our staff monitor the manufacturing process from beginning to end.  This includes assuring that our concrete mixes meet our rigorous requirements, pouring and leveling into our forms designed with holes for plumbing and electrical pipes and wires, to the final curing.

Our staff are experts in every phase of the process and are committed to maintaining our strict and consistent quality control standards.

When your cement foundation walls don’t cure properly

concrete wall

It is difficult to understand the benefits of using precast concrete foundation wall panels for your basement until you understand the problem with the traditional poured-in-place concrete foundations that still represent as much as 90% of the basements made in Manitoba today.

Build your home on a #BetterBasement! Visit our website or check out our other blogs to learn more about precast concrete foundations.

3 thoughts on “Why Precast Concrete?”

  1. Jay Jorgenson says:

    I really like what was said about precast concrete walls in this article. It makes a lot of sense to me that you would want things like this pre-made so you don’t have to use up a bunch of time fixing it. I am really grateful for this and will keep it in mind if I ever build a house by myself.

    1. Superior Walls says:

      Thanks Jay!

  2. Ashley Turns says:

    My husband and I are planning on building a new home and we are wondering if it would be worth it to use precast concrete. So thanks for letting us know that since it can be made indoors, which means that it can be made year round. Since we live in someplace that has snow for the majority of the year, we will definitely have to use precast concrete for our home.

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