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Advantages of Ready-To-Move Homes (with Download)

One of the biggest advantages when choosing a Ready-To-Move (RTM) home is the time you can save.


Did You Know?

Your new RTM home and the foundation it sits on can be installed in just a couple of days?

  • An average RTM build can be less than 6 months which is doubled for onsite construction.
  • Weather does not delay construction time.
  • Projects won’t be held up due to busy trades.
  • Your foundation is prepared while the home is built.
  • Your completed RTM will be delivered by truck and set up on your site.

There are many benefits to buying an RTM home vs. building a home on site.  Click to download an RTM fact sheet here.

Ask us about our new service –  NOW OFFERING!  Complete Basement Installations


All you have to do is drop your new RTM home on your foundation. Take advantage of our expertise to build a better basement for your RTM home!


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