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Video: How To Install Precast Concrete Foundations

Steps To Installing Precast Concrete Foundation Walls

1. The lot is prepared. In Manitoba, this means pouring concrete piles or footings (in this video we use concrete footings).

2. The precast walls are delivered to the site.

3. A crane is used to lift and set the walls in place.

4. Once in place, the walls are sealed with a polyurethane rubber sealant and joints are bolted in place (as shown at 2:30 in the video below).

We typically install the precast concrete foundation walls in less than a day! Since the walls are fully cured before installation, building of the new home can continue the very next day.

Learn how we install. Watch now.

Our Green Advantage 

Superior Walls Xi Plus wall panels, the exact product used in Manitoba, have been named one of Green Builder Media’s top 50 new products in 2016. This means that products of Superior Walls are recognized as environmentally friendly and suitable for most green building initiatives in North America.

Superior Walls are 30% more energy efficient and use 70% less concrete than poured concrete walls. Moreover, there is no job site waste to dispose of, and no form of oil released on site.

If you have any further questions about precast concrete foundations or the Superior Walls system let us know in the comment section below.

5 thoughts on “Video: How To Install Precast Concrete Foundations”

  1. ANDRE LÔRD says:


  2. Henry says:

    What is the cost of precast compaired to regular concrete basements?
    I can see putting up the walls in the winter is possible, but how do you prevent the frost from getting in and around the footing that must be poured in the winter? How do you line up the sections, is there a key on the footing or dowles?

    1. Superior Walls says:

      We apologize for the late reply. With our walls being framed, insulated with a vapour barrier and installed in less than a day it’s tough to compare to poured in place foundations. With that being said, we have found that we run 10-15% higher than poured in place but with the time savings with Superior Walls that 10-15% difference in cost disappears quickly.

      In a concrete footing application, the province of Manitoba requires a frost mat around all concrete footings in order to stop the frost from reaching the footing.

      No keys in the footing or dowles, our walls come out of the factory perfectly straight so once onsite it’s a matter of assembling them. We ask the footing contractor to ensure his or her footing is + or – 5mm to ensure a nice flat surface for us to land on.

      If you have any more questions you can contact our Sales Manager, Derek Shelby at 204-266-1171 or email him directly at He will be able to answer any further questions you may have in detail!
      Have a great day!

  3. John Friesen says:

    Can these superior foundation walls be built on a hard packed gravel base without a footing? Will the sink?

    1. Superior Walls says:

      Hi John, our apologies for the late reply. The Superior Walls system was originally designed and engineered to be supported by a crushed stone footing rather than concrete.

      In Manitoba, we set the walls primarily on either concrete footings or piles, as these are the typical foundations specified by engineers.

      Depending on where you are building, the option of a crushed stone footing in place of the concrete may be used – although this would have to be confirmed on your project’s engineered drawings, and the type of soil found in your area.

      If this is an option you are interested in, we can provide information to your drafts-person and engineer upon request.

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