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An Alternative Choice To Poured In Place Foundations

Building your dream home? While it may not  be the first thing you think of,  a  solid foundation is the first step in building any new home. The quality of your foundation is vital but what you may not know is the choices you have.

(Note: Don’t let the excitement of owning your new home lead you to make unaware financial decisions. If you’re considering new home construction, here’s a few things you’ll need to budget for. Get our free download here.)


The Superior Walls system is a revolutionary alternative to a poured in place foundation.  Superior Walls are precast concrete walls designed to fit a variety of foundation and above grade project applications.

Consider two options for your basement foundations:

Option 1: Poor Results from Poured Concrete Walls

The Smiths built their dream home on a poured concrete foundation.

Ten years later:

  • moisture seeped through the cracking walls
  • mold grew on the inside of the exterior walls
  • water pooled around the footing


  • The kids and adults avoided the basement because it was damp and cold


Option 2: Superior Results from Precast Concrete Walls

The Jones’ built their dream home on a Superior Walls foundation.

Ten years later:

  • felt good putting bedrooms in the basement
  • kids were happy to hang out with their friends
  • the adults had a home theatre they could retreat to or invite friends to


  • Their basement was dry, warm and cozy and a pleasant place to spend more time.


Build the home of your dreams on a foundation guaranteed to provide you more viable living space for years to come.

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4 thoughts on “An Alternative Choice To Poured In Place Foundations”

  1. Jason. says:


  2. Gilles Maguet says:

    I’m interested in learning more about this product. I may be building a new home next summer.

  3. keith parry says:

    would like more information please.

    1. Superior Walls says:

      Hello Keith,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. We would love to provide you more information. Please feel free to call our office at 204-266-1171 and ask for Derek. He will be able to provide you with all the information you need. Thanks!

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