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The Problem With Poured Concrete Foundations

Mel Zimmerman, the founder of Superior Walls, was a builder by trade.

basement wall with signs of current and past water damageHe was well acquainted with the problems associated with poured concrete foundations, which included:

  • water pooling around footings
  • moisture penetrating walls
  • concrete not curing completely

Which he knew could lead to:

  • uneven settling and shifting of your home
  • structural issues
  • mold growth

Plus… poured concrete basements have a reputation for being damp and cold. Mel thought there must be a better option! In response to the problem of damp basements, Mel developed Superior Walls.

Superior Walls are precast concrete walls, which are warmer, dryer, and stronger than their poured concrete counterparts. Superior Walls are custom built in a climate-controlled factory where they completely cure. The precast wall comes with steel reinforced concrete studs, R24 Neopor insulation, and includes a vapour barrier.


These walls make it easy for any electrician to pull wire through styrofoam channels integral to the studs. The concrete is 5000psi, and reinforced with millions of polypropylene fibres, creating a mixture impenetrable to water and leaves you with a dry basement for years to come. Superior Walls systems can make all the difference when investing in your dream home.

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2 thoughts on “The Problem With Poured Concrete Foundations”

  1. David Belanger says:

    Hello, we are in the planning stage of purchasing an RTM home. We are trying to cost a basement. We are interested in your product.

    1. Superior Walls says:

      Hi David!
      Really sorry for missing your note. Please call our office at 204-266-1171 and ask for Derek, our sales manager.
      Many thanks for your interest in Superior Walls.

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