RTM/Modular Homes

Need a new home in a hurry?

Single-day installation of your new basement using Superior Walls, and single-day installation of your
RTM or Modular Home, means moving into your new home faster than ever!

Buying an RTM home will get you into your new home faster.

  • Average RTM build times can be less than 6 months compared to up to twice that for onsite construction.
  • Weather won’t delay the building of your house – saving you valuable time.
  • Your house can be built while your lot is being prepared.
  • Your completed RTM home will be delivered by truck and set up on your site.

Interested in purchasing a Ready-To-Move home?

You may want to considering using precast concrete foundation walls from Superior Walls because it will help you get into your new home faster!

Need someone to take care of your entire basement project?
No problem! We will install your complete basement!

Superior Walls can take care of your complete basement install, including site preparation. This means all you have to do is drop your new RTM home on your foundation. Use our expertise to build a better basement for your ready-to-move home!

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Thinking About Building A New Home 8 Important Facts About RTM Homes

Superior Walls basement foundations are a perfect fit with ready-to-move homes!

  • Superior Walls provides precast concrete walls for your damp-proof basement or crawlspace.
  • Our basement packages can be installed in a day by our experts, regardless of the weather, making the building of your RTM home even faster.
  • Our precast walls come pre-studded and with holes for wiring and plumbing.

New home being placed on a complete basement install from Superior Walls