Form- A-Drain® is used in place of wood to form the footing, then remains in place after the concrete is poured. You don’t have to go back to strip and clean your old forms, load them on the truck, and haul them to the next job.

Form-A-Drain® is both the footing form and the foundation drainage system, so your crew accomplishes these two jobs at the same time. For many contractors, the time saved using Form-A-Drain® allows them to complete more jobs, resulting in additional profits.

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Precise Footing Forms

Form-A-Drain® lineal sections, couplings and corners are designed to ensure a precise form set-up.

Integrated Drainage

Form-A-Drain® is an outstanding alternative to perforated pipe when it comes to drainage performance.

Radon Reduction

Form-A-Drain® forms a complete loop around the perimeter of the footing, serving as a collection point.

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Form-A-Drain® is easily adapted to be part of a radon gas venting system, so your crew can carry out this job efficiently in areas where code or local practice requires it.

Time, labour, and material savings add up in your favor when you use Form-A-Drain®. And your customers will appreciate the fact that you’ve incorporated the best available foundation drainage system into their homes.

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