Case Studies

Dave Brandt

Dave Brandt

Braler Homes

Dave Brandt, owner of Braler Homes, is a custom design home builder located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After some research, and a tour of the Superior Walls by Magnis facility located in Beausejour, Manitoba, Dave recently chose to build two homes using their precast concrete basement wall panels.

According to Dave, the attraction for building basements using the Superior Walls system was the quality of the final product. Dave also figured he could save up to 3 weeks of what it would normally take to build a new home; something that could be extremely advantageous for his operation in the future.

The precast concrete walls are much stronger than poured-in-place concrete foundations, plus much straighter and more appealing to look at than ICF walls

After building his first two homes with basements from Superior Walls, Dave determined the total price to be similar to both ICF and poured concrete basements. "When you take into account the insulation and studs installed into the pre cast concrete wall panels, the costs are about the same."