Build The Basement Of Your Dreams

Want more viable living space in your new basement?

Build your new home on a better basement. Using precast concrete foundation wall panels from Superior Walls will ensure your basement can be turned into a number of viable living spaces, including: mancaves, in-law suites, or family rooms.

Are you building a dream basement? Then you know how vital the quality of your foundation is.
What you may not know is the choices you have. Consider these two scenarios:

Poor Results from Poured Concrete Walls
The Smiths built their dream home on a poured concrete foundation.

10 years later:

The kids and adults avoided the basement because it was damp and cold
  • moisture seeped through the cracking walls
  • mold grew on the inside of the exterior walls
  • water pooled around the footings

Basements made with poured concrete resulted in less viable living space

The family avoided the basement because they didn’t want to get sick.

The Smiths’ home did not turn out to be the home of their dreams.

Superior Results from Precast Concrete Walls
The Joneses built their dream home on a Superior Walls foundation.

10 years later:

Their basement was dry, warm, cozy and a pleasant place to spend time
  • felt good putting bedrooms in the basement
  • kids were happy to hang out with their friends
  • the adults had a home theater to retreat/entertain in

Basements made with Superior Walls resulted in maximum viable living space

Their basement being the place that everyone wanted to be in.

The Jones’ home became the home they always dreamed it would be.