Waterproof Basements

Basement foundations made using precast concrete foundation wall panels
from Superior Walls are waterproof and guaranteed dry!

It is dry because your concrete is fully cured and dry, making sure you don’t trap moisture within the walls itself. The walls are impermeable from exterior moisture seeping into the walls via cracks. Learn how we do this with our Xi Plus Wall Panel.

How do we guarantee a Waterproof Basement?

Precast concrete wall
panels are fully cured!

Helping to prevent the transfer of moisture through the wall, resulting in a dry basement. Air quality is also improved by minimizing the development of mold that is typically found in poured in place basements that seldom are given the time to cure properly.

Wall panels are made using
a 5000psi concrete mixture!

A lower water-to-cement ratio enhances the curing process as well as making the wall impermeable to water seepage from outside the home.

Wall panels are
sealed together!

Our precast concrete foundation walls are bolted together from the top and bottom. The joints are caulked together with a urethane sealant, made by Sika, specifically manufactured for our walls. The walls are sealed to the footings using an industrial sealant called ConSeal.

The walls are sealed using three lines of caulking. First one down the middle, then one inside, and a finish bead on the exterior. Virtually any product can be used for damp-proofing the exterior. We recommend roll-on tar.

Guaranteed sealed and dry! Superior Walls offers a default guarantee of 15 years on the foundation with the option to extend to 30 years.

Read more on our guarantee.