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Protect YOURSELF from the Cold!

Can YOU build an energy efficient BASEMENT for your NEW home? If you choose to go with a poured in place concrete basement or ICF, you may be throwing away money in higher-than-necessary long term energy bills.

Why Precast Concrete?

Years ago, Superior Walls founder Mel Zimmerman started his new precast company after finding a solution to the well-known problems with poured concrete foundations. To highlight the many benefits, we’ve discovered in building with precast concrete, we would focus on its: quality strength versatility sustainability

Video: Concrete Cylinder Testing

Superior Walls promises each precast concrete foundation wall meets or exceeds 5000psi in strength. To make sure we adhere to this strict promise, we evaluate each batch of concrete delivered to our Beausejour, Manitoba plant. Our evaluation methods are simple and effective. We form samples

How Precast Concrete Foundation Walls Are Joined and Sealed

People often ask: “How are your basement walls joined and sealed together?” Our precast concrete foundation walls are bolted together (top and the bottom). The joints are caulked together with a urethane sealant, made by Sika, which is specifically manufactured for our walls. The walls are

Video: How To Install Precast Concrete Foundations

Steps To Installing Precast Concrete Foundation Walls 1. The lot is prepared. In Manitoba, this means pouring concrete piles or footings (in this video we use concrete footings). 2. The precast walls are delivered to the site. 3. A crane is used to lift and set the walls in

Video: How To Build Precast Concrete Foundations

When it comes to providing moisture-free and energy-efficient living space for the home, precast concrete foundations are your answer. Designs vary from thin-shell precast concrete with a partially embedded metal frame to panels with sandwich insulation and concrete headed, footers, and studs. Panels are available

An Alternative Choice To Poured In Place Foundations

Building your dream home? While it may not  be the first thing you think of,  a  solid foundation is the first step in building any new home. The quality of your foundation is vital but what you may not know is the choices you have. (Note: Don’t let the excitement of

The Problem With Poured Concrete Foundations

Mel Zimmerman, the founder of Superior Walls, was a builder by trade. He was well acquainted with the problems associated with poured concrete foundations, which included: water pooling around footings moisture penetrating walls concrete not curing completely