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How Precast Concrete Foundation Walls Are Joined and Sealed

People often ask:

“How are your basement walls joined and sealed together?”

Our precast concrete foundation walls are bolted together (top and the bottom).


The joints are caulked together with a urethane sealant, made by Sika, which is specifically manufactured for our walls. The walls are sealed to the footings using an industrial sealant called ConSeal. (See video below)

The walls are sealed using three lines of caulking. First one down the middle, then one inside, and a finish bead on the exterior. Virtually any product can be used for damp-proofing the exterior. We recommend roll-on tar.

The walls are guaranteed sealed! We offer 15- and 30-year guarantees.

Want a warmer, dryer, safer basement for your new home? Give us a call at (844) 372-2220.

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